08 July 2022
People love to see through everything, transparently
Traditionally, the process of making jeans is a dirty one which consumes a lot of water, chemicals and energy which potentially can harm the environment. In the beginning of 2020, we started to become more sustainable by making a brave move to save the environment.

On 10 September 2020, Badjatex took one step forward to answer people’s curiosity in providing transparency about our factory, by inviting darahkubiru – a denim head community – to visit our factory in Citepus Rd., Bandung.We were pleased to welcome darahkubiru and introduced ourselves as the first sustainable denim factory in Indonesia, and at the same time, affirming our campaign on the importance of sustainable fashion.

The main object of this event was to introduce Badjatex and the concern of environmental issues. For us, sustainability issues are extremely important, and we have taken real action concerning this issue from two years ago and still continues.” said Yohanes Jusuf, Marketing Director of Badjatex.

The Factory Visit started with a brief introduction of Badjatex. We shared the whole production process story and how it has been doing until today.

We can say that this is a new experience for us, we can see the whole process of making eco-friendly denim, first hand. We are hoping that this sustainable and eco-friendly business could keep going, lasting long, and becoming more humanist!”, Panca from darahkubiru.


Clothing is one of basic human needs and this leads to the fact that the textile industry is one of the largest industries. Nowadays, people’s access to buy clothes is expanding with a touch of a button they can buy their wanted clothes. This leads people to consumptive behavior, and of course it increases the clothing waste numbers. The large amount of waste just moved us to be better in this fashion world, to make a sustainable movement especially in the denim industry. Before we ended the tour, Panca from darahkubiru stated that the actual problem started when it shifted into the fast-fashion industry. “People do (cloth) shopping monthly or even weekly -and at the end, all goods will end up being a giant pile of waste.

Let’s live side by side with our beloved earth. Let’s take care of each other. Because for us, sustainability is a commitment!